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    Watch the following video and get the idea about how to beat Cat Mario‘s level 2 easily.

    Instructions to Beat Cat Mario Level 2 Easily

    If you want to complete level 2 of Cat Mario in a quick time than you must memorize these traps which I am going to mention below.

    1. Don’t be greedy to grab the coins just ignore these gold blocks and proceed to columns.
    2. Jump the columns in a sequence that you should miss the first column and jump upto 2nd column. from 2nd to fourth column and repeat the same for other four columns
    3. Proceed to the green pipe and don’t go near to it as a MAMA CAT will came out and kill you. Once she gone than repeat the process again as another MOM CAT is waiting inside the green pipe. Dodge her as well.
    4. Don’t forget to grab the checkpoint flag.
    5. Once you will cross the green pipe, you noticed that there are a part of roof is in different color (brown), remember it will fell down on you so get back quickly. Once it fell quickly move forward as another part of the roof will fell upon you.
    6. Here you will see a dead end as no way to proceed, but you can proceed by hitting a block from which a mushroom came and it will start proceeding to the creature blocking your way. Once the creature eats the mushroom, it will grow fatter and will dig a hole for himself and fell into it. This will make a way for you to proceed.
    7. Here the game will test your curiosity as a question marked egg will appear. Don’t bother to test it as it will result bad.
    8. Don’t jump over the green pipe right away as an orange will kill you. It will bounce a couple of time and disappear. So when it’s gone, you can proceed to the next step.
    9. Now you can see two elevators, one is going up which is normal and 2nd one is going down which is a trap. As you will land on it, it will go down quickly so make another jump quickly and enter the pipe.
    10. When you came out of the pipe jump quickly to the staircase as a MOM CAT will jump behind you.
    11. Climb all the stairs, now you will see a flag bar with blue color, which is a trap. Jump over it and quickly grab the original white flag pole.

    That’s it, you have successfully defeated the 2nd level of Cat Mario game. If you have any question than do contribute in this forum.

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